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5 Most spoken native languages around the world

Gossip4u Thu Sep 26 2019

Why do people like to travel? They travel to experience a different culture, visit new places, and experience the fascinating native languages. As we become global citizens, knowledge of multiple languages is a key factor to communicate and present ourselves to the world. There are thousands of languages which are spoken worldwide, but of which only a handful have mass adaptability.

Mentioned below are a few languages which have a global appeal and are must to know when globetrotting.

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1.    Chinese (1.1 Billion speakers)credit: third party image reference

When on a world tour, there is a fair chance that out of every six people you meet, speaks Chinese. Yes! The Mandarin ‘Chinese’ language tops the tally and is spoken by the most number of people in the world. Chinese is the official language of China, Taiwan, and Singapore.

2.    Spanish (480 Million speakers) credit: third party image reference

The people of Spain were renowned as travellers. For this reason, the Spanish language is the second-most spoken native language in the world. This language has spread across central and south America, Southeast Aisa, and Africa. It is also mostly spoken in Mexico followed by the United States of America, which is flooded with expats.

3.    English (371 Million speakers)credit: third party image reference

English is a widely spoken language around the world. Since medieval times, and bit before, European traders crossed borders and embarked on journeys to unknown lands to procure the best of silks and spices. Over time, their mannerisms, clothing, and of course their language was adopted by the natives of the land they visited and later ruled. English is also considered by many as a global language as it is spoken in the maximum number of nations.

4.    Hindi (341 million speakers)credit: third party image reference

India is a country renowned for its culture and multiple languages. Hindi is one of the primary languages spoken in India and is quite famously used in Pakistan, and Bangladesh, its neighbouring countries. Other than these countries, Hindi is also spoken across the entire globe as Indians as said to be present in any corner of the world.

5.    Arabic (315 million speakers)credit: third party image reference

The fifth most spoken native language is Arabic. Regarded as the official language of the Arabian peninsula in Asia, Arabic has multiple dialects. It is also spoken in some parts of Africa.

We, the people are connected to the world with just one tool, and that is language. If a person learns all the above languages, then that person can converse with a majority population around the world.

Is that not amazing? 

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