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Shamna Kasim looking gorgeous in latest photos.

Arun aj Thu Oct 15 2020

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There are many actresses around us who, despite their talent, do not get the recognition they deserve. Shamna Kasim is one such actress. Shamna Kasim had earlier revealed that there have been a lot of misfortunes in Malayalam cinema.

What Shamna Kasim said about her omission from the movie Moss and Kate is now going viral. Moss & Cat Moss & Cat is a movie directed by Fazil and starring Dileep in the lead role. Television presenter Ashwathy Ashokan played the lead role in the film which tells the story of a relationship between a child and a young man.

According to Shamna Kasim, the role of Shamna was first sought after by the heroine. Shamna said that she was dropped from the film two days before the shooting started. That made me very sad. It was a film that was taken with a lot of hope. At a time when all the heroines wanted to do a film with Dileep, I was very happy to get such a film.

credit: third party image reference

When Fazil Sir told me that there were no more stage shows for two months, I skipped all the shows. In Tamil, he was called for Chimpu 's second hero. That too was omitted for this film. Two days ago, with just two days to go before the shooting started, I was told that I had been dropped from the film. I felt angry and sad. I only said OK sir. On the day of the release of the movie, Dileep called me and told me not to curse Shamna. ‘I will not do anything like that. But I said, 'That movie will get some good results for hurting me.' There is a curse, not because I said so, but the film has got such a curse. Sir Fazil also knows that.

I was in so much pain. Shamna Kasim said that she did not even want to come to Kerala then. Fazil Sir said that Shamna should not feel anything. Fazil Sir had said at the time that he would give Shamna a chance in my next film. But I did not have the patience to listen to it then. Not Dileep because the reason I missed that opportunity was never Dileep. He has a good friendship with Deleep. And when he suggested my name to the movie, he could have said no.

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