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See how to make Shahi Chandrakala Gujia recipe

Pawan naws Sat Oct 17 2020

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 necessary ingredients


 Two cups


 A quarter cup of lukewarm

 Magaz / Melon Seeds

 One and a half table spoon








 150 grams


 For two cups of sugar syrup


 Two tablespoons


 A quarter cup

 Small cardamom powder

 5 to 7 cardamom


 Seven to eight threads


 To make Chandrakala Gujhiya with sugar syrup, first take maida in a vessel and add lukewarm ghee to it and mix it well by mixing. Now add a little warm water to it and make a tie doe. Do not add water to it at once, otherwise it can be thin, knead it and lubricate it. Now cover it for half an hour and knead this dough, half a cup of water is used.

 So much staffing is done, put melon seeds in a hot pan and roast them on a low flame until light golden color comes. Then take it out in a plate, now put two teaspoons of desi ghee in the pan, then add cashews, almonds and pistachios and fry them till they become a golden color. Then take it out in a plate.

 Put the mawa in the pan and fry it on a low flame till a light golden color comes. When they turn golden in color, put them in a large bowl to cool down, then later you will add all the staffing things in this bowl. Finely chop cashews, almonds and pistachios, and if you wish, turn them slightly in the grinder.

 Put one cup of water in two cups of sugar and keep it on high heat. Cook it until sugar dissolves and cook on a low flame for 5 to 7 minutes and check. If it has become sticky then turn off the gas and keep it covered.

 To make staffing, add cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, magaz, raisins, small cardamom powder and boora and mix everything well. Now our staffing is ready.

 Add two spoons of water to the flour and make a thin solution. We will use it to glue the edges of the Gujhiya. In this time, our dough is well prepared. Smooth the dough by mashing it two to three times.

 Now prepare small dough and keep it covered. Now take out a dough and roll it like we make normal Gujhiyas at home and take a little thicker vine so that the layer absorbs the sugar syrup properly.

 Roll out two dough balls and now cut them with a small and a big cookie cutter and keep the remaining dough in one side. Now put a spoon of staffing in the big one, put it in the center and put a mixture of fine flour on its edges.

 Now place the small dough on it and paste the edges well. Now, fold the light edge on the top of the big one, then pinch and fold it. Prepare the Chandrakala Gujhiya in the same way and prepare it in the same way. .

 Now make long gujiya from the rest of the flour, for this take a whole vine, take a little thicker than normal gujiya. Now put one and a half teaspoon of staffing in the middle, apply a mixture of flour and water in half of it and stick the other edge in the batter. After sticking, pinch it in the same way and come out and pole the dough inside. In this way, seal the Gujhiya properly and make all the Gujhias prepared in this way.

 To fry the Gujhiya, keep the oil for heating, so much oil is heating, so heat the sugar syrup as well. Add some saffron to the syrup and mix well and turn off the gas before boiling.

 Put a small tablet of flour in the oil and see if the oil has heated well or if the tablet does not come up completely, then you should understand that the oil has been heated properly.

 To fry it, we do not need too hot oil, we will fry it in medium hot oil. Add as much chandrakala oil as possible and fry until lightly golden. First of all, if you feel that the oil has cooled down in the middle, then put the flame on medium.

 When the oil gets slightly hot on medium flame, reduce it again. Fry them on low flame so that they are well roasted from both inside and outside. When they are roasted from one side, then flip them and roast them from the other side as well until it turns light golden color.

 While frying them, one thing should be kept in mind that it should never be fried on high heat. Because the layer above them will be crushed but their flour will remain raw from inside. So you fry them on low and medium heat.

 Remove from both sides when it is golden and place it on tissue paper. So that their extra oil is removed after two to three minutes of cooling, put them in sugar syrup and coat them well.

 After coat, leave them immersed in sugar syrup for three to four minutes. After three to four minutes, take it out and keep it in a plate, similarly fry the remaining Chandrakala and coat it with sugar syrup, now our Chandrakala is ready.

 Similarly, fry the rest of the Gujiya till it becomes light golden. Let them cool down for two to three minutes, then put the Gujhiya in a warm sugar syrup and coat it well, then let it be immersed in the syrup for three to four minutes, and after three minutes take it out.

 Our Chandrakala and Gujhiya dipped in sugar syrup are ready. It looks very good in eating, now garnish them with chopped pistachios, if you want, you can also apply silver work on top of it, serve it when it is a little cold, you can make it on any festival.

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