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Stomach pain due to gas, then follow these home remedies, get immediate relief

Princi26 Thu Oct 01 2020

It is normal to have abdominal pain. It can happen to anyone, but many times it happens that suddenly the stomach starts hurting. In such a situation, we do not understand what has happened. However, due to gas many times, stomach pain starts. Actually, during the pain caused by gas, the stomach feels bloated and very tight. Also, it seems that sometimes there is a pain in one, part of the stomach, and sometimes in the other. Actually, the nature of gas i.e. air is such that it does not stay in one place that is why pain is felt in different parts of the stomach. Let's know about some home remedies, which can relieve stomach ache caused by gas —

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  • Home remedies for stomach ache

If you have pain due to gas in your stomach, to get rid of it, you should take 5-6 leaves of green mint, and chew them slowly with black salt and eat it. This will pass the gas in your stomach and you will get relief from pain.

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  • Celery is helpful in removing gas problems

Celery can be helpful in relieving stomach aches caused by gas. For this, you should eat 1/4 teaspoon of celery seed with lukewarm water and lie on the left-hand side for a while. This will give you relief in stomachache. 

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  • Asafoetida can also be taken help

Asafoetida can also help you to relieve the pain caused by gas in the stomach. For this, dissolve two pinches of asafoetida in one spoon of water and soak a little cotton in it and put it to sleep at the navel. This will give you instant relief from stomachache.

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  • Celery seeds, sugar, and black salt will help

Take half a glass of water and mix it with 1/4 teaspoon celery seeds, 1/4 teaspoon sugar, and a pinch of black salt. Then squeeze a few drops of lemon into it and drink it. This will give you relief in stomach ache caused by gas.

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