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How much does a helicopter cost for a wedding?

Zala sauravsinh Wed Nov 13 2019

For your information, let us tell you that the helicopter booking has been introduced in today's time. Nowadays, most people make helicopter booking at their wedding. Today in this article we will tell you how much will it cost if you also want to book a helicopter in your wedding.

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Let us tell if you too want to enter your wedding like Raja Maharajas & book a helicopter, then you may have to pay from 65000 to 375000 per hour. You must be wondering why there is so much difference in prize. , how much will it cost for that if you book a small helicopter in which only two people can sit, then for that you will have to pay 65000 per hour. Like wise if you want to book a big helicopter in which 8 to 10 people can sit, for that you will have to pay 375000 per hour.

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For many people the deal is a bit expensive but it can be a better way to make the wedding memorable. Let us tell you that in today's world, many people book helicopters at their wedding, so that they can marry in a royal style.

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Now how many of you want to have a helicopter at your wedding? 

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