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Dark circles under eyes have increased in the last two months, learn ways to reduce it

Kartikey Tripathi Fri May 22 2020

Causes of dark circles

 Dark circles are one of the many skin problems that arise from irregular routines. According to WebMD, cortisol hormone is your body's main stress hormone. It works with parts of your brain to control your mood, motivation and fear. All of us at Corona are troubled by the mind. At the same time, by accustoming yourself to the phone screen and insomnia, the level of cortisol can increase, leaving you sluggish and tired. This also leads to loss of appetite or an unbalanced diet, causing dark circles to grow on their own.

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 Ways to get rid of dark circle

 Drink plenty of water

 Water can cause all the problems of your skin. If you have trouble sleeping and have to deal with additional skin problems such as puffy eyes and dark circles, drinking water is the best solution. This will not only help detox the body by flushing out all the toxins from your body, but also reduces the concentration of salt around your eyes. Therefore, drink as much water as possible.

 Cold water compression

 If you have not slept well or feel that your eyes are tired, you should compress your eyes with cold water. For this, you should moisten the eyes in the middle of work or twice a day by immersing cotton cloth in ice water. You can just dip some tea bags in cold water and keep it on your eyes. This will not only calm your senses, but will relax your eyes. In this way it can easily help in reducing the draw circle.

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 Yoga and meditation

 One major reason for not sleeping is stress, which also increases the chances of developing dark circles under your eyes. Doing yoga or meditation will give you peace and will help you to bring balance back in your life. This will not only relieve you from insomnia, but will reduce and lighten the skin under your eyes.

 Fix sleep cycle

 Sleeplessness can also increase blood sugar level and blood pressure level. At the same time, there are problems related to metabolism in the body, due to which the effect is seen on your skin. While staying awake for too long, there are problems related to inflammation in the skin. In this way they develop dark circles. Therefore, the easiest and most natural way to get rid of dark circles is to keep your sleep cycle right.

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