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Benefits And Uses Of Rosehip Seed Essential oil

Wasifwasim Fri Feb 14 2020
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Rosehip oil comes from seed found inside the accessory fruit known as the rosehip of various wild rose shrubs.

Three amazing uses of rosehip oil:


There are several rosehip oil benefits for face care. Users have self-reported that rosehip seed oil can prevent blemishes,acne and improve the appearance of damaged skin without clogging pores.
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With fatty acids and Antioxidants, rosehip oil may prevent blemishes and dryness. While balancing collagen leavels beneath the skin. For disorder patches, rosehip oil's antioxidant properties may lighten the skin pigment.


To restore luster and strength, use rosehip seed oil for hair care. It's an ideal essential carrier oil that can be used on all hair types.  credit: third party image reference
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