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World Coconut Day 2019: Coconut is a Fruit, Seed or a Nut? Know The Answer to This Mysterious Question

LATESTLY Mon Sep 02 2019

World Coconut Day 2019 is celebrated on September 2 every year. The aim of this day is to enhance coconut farming focusing on the productivity angle. This day is marked to commemorate the formation day of the Asian Pacific Coconut Community (APCC). It is an inter-governmental organisation which promote, coordinate and harmonize coconut developmental activities of the Asian Pacific region. There are  18 member countries in the organisation and they have an aim to maximise economic development through coconuts. While the celebration of Coconut Day 2019 is marked year after year, there is a common question about the nature of the coconut. Is coconut a fruit, nut or a seed? 

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To simply put it, a coconut is all three-- a fruit, nut and a seed. Coconut is a seed because it is a reproductive part of the tree. It is also classified as a fibrous one-seeded drupe. A drupe in Botanical terms means a fruit's outer part is made of a hard shell. And a nut itself means a fruit that is composed of an inedible hard shell. It is the 'nut' part in the name of coconut which often confuses the people. 

Coconut is different from any other fruit is because it contains a significant amount of water inside. When a coconut is not allowed to ripen, it is harvested for drinking. Coconut is a fruit that is used at various stages of its development. Even the hard shell of the coconut is used as a fuel in rural areas. There are so many other benefits of the coconut tree in itself. It is thus called as a 'Tree of Life' or the Kalpavriksha. Since it is used in so many ways, there is always a demand for the tree. It takes a lot of time to grow and nurture a fully grown coconut, so one of the reasons for marking the World Coconut Day is to promote more productivity.

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